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11% of proceeds will support the regeneration and conservation of our planet organizations such as 

Oceana,  One Tree Planted & IKWRO Women’s Rights Organization

Cosmic Crown NFTs represent liberation and sexual freedom. Embody & own a part of this movement. 

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Staring   Chrystabell
Directed & Produced   Vilina Malka Kranti
Director of Photography   Theo Stanley
Original Score   Luna Maye & Alfiya Glow
Music Supervisor & Producer   Luna Maye
Music Composer & Producer  Alfiya Glow
Vocalist  Luna Maye
Violinist  Alfiya Glow
Production Coordinator   Charlotte Scalpari
Cellist  Daniel Kassel
Sound Engineer    Eric Bogacz
1st AC   Tomek Gryz
DIT   Tomek Gryz
Gaffer   Adam Klimaszewski
Grip   Margot Kingon
Hair & Makeup   Mari Shten
Dresser   Dresser – Valeria Likhova
Editor   Vilina Malka Kranti
Visual Effects by   Global Illumination
CGI Art Director   David Vign
CGI Artists   Base Clark, Anna Stekovics, David Vign
Colorist   Adrian Seery
Post-Production Supervisor   Jody Peters
Jewelry   Bijules
Shoot Locations   Outlier Inn, Den BK Studios



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SHAKANI DE SOL |    Birth Given Name: Sanne Samina Hanssen


Sanne Samina Hanssen (Shakani de Sol), is an artist and tantrika from The Netherlands. 

She was trained as an actress and has been working in different Dutch and Belgian theater, tv, film and Netflix productions such as Undercover, Two Summers and Turbulent Skies.

For the last seven years she has been consciously trying to weave her spiritual path with her professional artistic path and this came to manifest when she met Vilina in 2021.

Sanne Samina is devoted to cultivating authenticity and love in her life and her work. She finds inspiration in humans and their relationship with each other, with self, with nature, with spirituality and with reality. 

Being an advocate for transparency and truth in each moment, her life has proved to be an incredible adventure that has showed her magic exists. 






Music Composers & Producers

Luna renews the universal ancient art of music through mystic traditions and modern science. Her holistic approach engages both believers and skeptics seeking a transformative experience through sound, vibration, and art. Her soulful offering releases deep stress, inspires meaningful connection, and invites humans to trust their inner compass and open to the fullness of their natural state of love through art’s inspired invitation.


Luna merges alongside dear friend and co-creator Alfiya Glow in their musical and spiritual connection. Together, this femme duo steps deeper into their sonic purpose, arranging compositions that are devoted to meeting every human wherever they are in their journey of self. Alfiya offers up a wide array of sonic talent and experience as an award-winning violinist, music producer, DJ, and composer.


Luna and Alfiya synergize all their gifts, creating art that stirs the heart and soul in a way only devotional and embodied femme art can. Music and technology have merged, to become merely two sides of the same lemniscate. Through their artistic vision, the natural technology of the nervous system embraces the profound role sound + vibration plays in a more embodied and fulfilling life.


LunaWebsite, Instagram, Spotify, Youtube

AlfiyaWebsite, Instagram, Spotify, Youtube






Theo Stanley is a NYC based director, cinematographer and visual artist with experience in the film, fine art, and commercial industries. Theo utilizes his experience and education in the visual arts to empower his films, bringing an approach of classic photographic cinema and craft in balance with an ever questioning and experimenting eye.

In 2003 after completing MFA graduate studies, Theo started his company New Mountain Inc, a creative company offering production and post production services related to Theo’s abilities as a director, cinematographer and editor.

Theo established himself as both an artist and technical expert in the commercial moving image world, with a focus on fashion, luxury, and elevated documentary projects.

In 2010 Theo founded HARBOR PICTURE COMPANY in creative collaboration with director and editor Zak Tucker, expanding the scope and scale of operation in production of a range of projects including narrative films, documentaries, music videos and commercial advertising with a specialty fashion division.

HARBOR clientele includes New York’s prominent advertising agencies, as well as direct to client services for a variety of moving image needs. A partial list of clients include GAP, adidas, Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, St John, Beyonce, Nautica, Chanel, Estee Lauder…

Recent directorial projects include a 30 minute documentary portrait of Yohji Yamamoto, entitled ‘Yohji Yamamoto : This is my Dream’.

Theo also frequently collaborates with Bruce Weber’s films and commercial projects, including moving image work for Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Moncler, and Bruce’s feature documentary projects, “A Letter for True”,“Chop Suey”, and Weber’s upcoming “Robert Mitchum : Nice Girls Don’t Stay for Breakfast”, premiering at the Venice Film Festival in September 2018

Theo collaborated with director Chiara Clemente as Director of Photography for her documentary feature film “Our City Dreams” with screenings at Moma / Film Forum / Sundance Channel.

Theo graduated Magna Cum Laud with a Master of Fine Arts in Painting and Photography from SMU’s Meadows School of the Arts.



As a dedicated recording artist, performing artist and songwriter, Chrystabell has headlined tours across the globe, reaching 40 countries and 100 cities over the course of releasing four critically acclaimed albums, two of which were collaborations with legendary artist David Lynch serving as co-writer and producer. A captivating presence both on record and onstage, her enrapturing music, expressive voice and striking visual presentation have won her an ever expanding legion of devoted fans. A starring role as Special Agent Tammy Preston in Lynch’s 2017 Twin Peaks: The Return marked her first foray as a professional actor and a new level of global renown, acting alongside Lynch, Laura Dern and Miguel Ferrer in what Time Magazine hailed as “the best TV show of the decade”.

Her fifth studio album Midnight Star, released in 2022, finds her ambitions soaring, crafting a riveting narrative around humanity’s complicated relationship with planet Earth and each other as witnessed though various lifetimes and cosmic adventures of the character Midnight Star. The guitars, bass and drums of all previous albums have been replaced by synths, kissed with psychedelics and sparkling with effervescence, marking a fascinating shift in her musical landscape – a new sonic palate that encourages her creative impulses to take fantastical twists and turns. 

Most recently, through the process of starring in the short film Cosmic Crown, written and directed by Vilina Malka Kranti and released on the Violet Waves platform on November 11, 2022, Chrystabell has found new depths within herself as an actor and as a woman, endeavoring to embody an aspect of Divine Feminine actively connecting to her abilities to utilize magnetic energies to reach deeper levels of consciousness through the art of the Sexual Magic of Isis. 

Speaking on her participation in Cosmic Crown Chrystabell has said,

“This film was a significant rite of passage for me spiritually and emotionally. I am honored to have been asked by Vilina to be in this phenomenal and timely work of art. It is my hope that it moves and inspires others to explore the profound healing and enlivening power of Sex Magic.”

“Chrystabell looks like a dream and sounds like a dream, and the dream is coming true.” – David Lynch

VILINA MALKA KRANTI   |    Birth Given Name: Melanie Abramov


Vilina is an artist devoted to an inner revolution. Using her heart as a catalysator in all of her work, she is allowing all of it to translate into an outer revolution.

Graduating from Parsons School of Design, New York, Vilina has spent 15 years working for top advertising agencies and fashion brands before her journey of remembering took off.

She is movie director and light worker that integrates sacred ritual in any of her creations. She has to ability to crystalize futuristic visions into provocative media that inspires, awakens and ignites peoples hearts.

Vilina previously worked as Senior Director of Video at Ralph Lauren bringing branded content to life. She has been recognized for achievements in experimental filmmaking with themes of sacred sexuality and has been a programmer at the Brooklyn Film Festival.

Currently she has founded and launched her new platform, Violet Waves, together with Sanne Samina, to activate life force of the masses with film and art.

Telegram: @freqeuncyoflight